Later Dates
27 March 2002 Windows Going In
23 March 2002 Weendow? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Weendow!
3 March 2002 Jim & Kerry Inside The Engine
Sara Drives The Engine For The First Time!
Sara & Evan Pull Paper
26 February 2002 What A Remodel Really Looks Like, part 1
What A Remodel Really Looks Like, part 2
14 February 2002 Sealed Side in Paint Booth
Sealed Back End in Paint Booth
Sealed Front End in Paint Booth
6 February 2002 Sealing All The Seams Before Paint
Riveting the Roof Before Paint
Touching Up The Front End
Yes, They Pay Attention To Our Sketches!
25 January 2002 The Engine goes into paint
8 January 2002 Stripping The Rails
16 October 2001 Painting Prep
Clean Side Rails
In the Paint Barn
4 October 2001 Right Rear Axles
Stripped Front
11 September 2001 Propped Up
Fridge Damage
Bedroom Damage 1
Bedroom Damage 2
23 August 2001 Stripping the roof
Down with the AC!
Off with its Bumper!
13 August 2001 the Engine on the lift
20 July 2001 Sara and the Engine Before
Later Dates

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