Later Dates
19 May 2002 Bathroom Trim
16 May 2002 Headboard Under Construction
Footboard In Place
Bed Pedestal
Jim is Brave enough to cut the expensive stuff
And To Install It!
13 May 2002 Color Matching
Hallway Ceiling before Headliner
Hallway Ceiling Going In
Hallway Ceiling with Headliner
9 May 2002 Jim Installs Window Trim
3 May 2002 Darren Working On Cabinets
29 April 2002 Closet with Veneer
Jim's Still On The Phone!
Jim Cutting Veneer
26 April 2002 Rear Cap In
LP Box Installed
Prepping The Generator Compartment
Slaten Hitch
Dennis Under The Bogies....
23 April 2002 Back Panel
Back Corner
Glenn Does Floor Repair
Pete Does Headlights
"WallLiner" Going In
Jim Installing "WallLiner"
18 April 2002 Heater Valve Problem
Water Heater
Putting in the Leaded Foam
Putting in the Leaded Foam
Building the LP Box
12 April 2002 Floor Repair In The Rear
Later Dates

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