Later Dates
28 June 2002 Rear Bumper On
Front Panels Done
25 June 2002 Blinds In
Cutting Blinds
Hanging Blinds
Building the Galley
Dash all Covered
Covering The Dash
23 June 2002 First Shot of the Dash In Place
19 June 2002 Ken In Love
Dash Panel Front
Dash Panel Rear
Tinting Windows -- Scrape & Scrub
Tinting Windows -- Pattern Outside
Tinting Windows -- Squeegie-ing
Tinting Windows -- Adding Heat Film
Tinting Windows -- One Done!
13 June 2002 Pete Wiring For 110
Adding Lights
12 June 2002 Wheels Are On!
Coming Out!
The Engine's First Bath
6 June 2002 New Headliner
New Headliner
New Headliner
New Headliner
30 May 2002 Sanding the Clearcoat
Two Coats of Clearcoat
22 May 2002 Staining the Veneer
Staining Overhead Doors
Veneered Closet
Later Dates

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