Later Dates
18 July 2002 Headboard
Back Cabinet Corner
Galley with Cabinet, Microwave, and Dishwasher
Furnace & Storage Under Couch
Pete with the Control Panels
Jim Shows off the Rear-View Monitor
Horn Follies
Horn Parts
The Entire Dash, Complete with Wheel
10 July 2002 Stripe View
Stripe Rear Corner
Stripe View
Veneering the Wall
9 July 2002 Exterior Utilities
Galley Rough
Stripe On a Roll!
Veneer Work
Veneer Work
7 July 2002 Galley Rough
Power Wiring
Genny Compartment
Dinette Prep
Bedroom Prep
Bedroom Overheads In
Bedroom Overheads In
Bedroom Overheads In
Wiring the Overheads
Overheads In
Overheads In
Overheads In
1 July 2002 Main Wall Up
Dash Before
Jim Wiring the Dash
Dash Panels In
Service Loop Wiring
Dash Wiring
The Whole Dash!
Plumbing the Air Valves
Later Dates

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