Later Dates
16 Aug 2002 Entry Flooring Goes In
Galley Flooring
15 Aug 2002 Now You Don't See It!
Now You See It!
Side View Outside
Screen Room
Screen Room
Screen Room
Screen Room
13 Aug 2002 Come On In!
Fridge Is In
Hallway with Fridge
Sofa as Sofa
Sofa as Bunk Bed
11 Aug 2002 Repainting the Doors with real Satin finish
Repainting the Doors with real Satin finish
Door Gasket Fitted
Jim Works on the Door Panel
Sofa Base With Upholstery
Outside Utilities Done
Finished Door
Fridge Cabinet Finished
8 Aug 2002 Time To Tune Her Up
Just Say No To Crack
Covering The Holes for Safety
Oops! Gloss Paint wasn't Satin
Damaged Floor below Toilet
31 July 2002 Awnings are On!
Bathroom Mirror
License Plate Mount
Hides Utilities!
Front Monitor Folded Down
Front Monitor Folded Up
30 July 2002 She's Out!
She's Out!
She's Out!
25 July 2002 LED Lights!
Amber LED Light
Red LED Light
Putting the body mold back on
Exhaust part!
24 July 2002 Upholstery is in
Front Monitor Up (Naked)
Jim on the front cap
Front Cap Up!
Daren Working On the Top Rail
Later Dates

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