Evan Robinson's Pages

Here are some pages that will tell you more about me, what I like, what I do, and what I think is funny. I have two resumes here, for management and development positions. My various publications are here. For those of you who arrived searching for .sigs or various lyrics, they're under the .sig Collection (as is the Texas Bix Bender stuff).

I don't have a professional page up yet. What I do falls into three separate areas. I program (mostly Windows, but I do some perl, some php, and some Mac) as a generalist (which is to say, I'm NOT a 3-D expert, or a driver expert, or a PS2 expert, or an AI expert, but I can do almost anything pretty well and if you need a expert 6 months from now, I can be that for you). I also do technical direction, which is a mix of technical mentoring, problem solving, project management and just good common sense. And I manage people and projects or consult on managing people and projects.

So why would you hire me as a consultant? Maybe you need some extra programming power on a project (preferably games, but if you've got something cool to work on I may be interested in a non-game project) for a few months, or an old hand to help some inexperienced programmers get a handle on something. Maybe you need an outside auditor to look at a project or a design or an outside team to decide if it's worth putting money on it or them. Maybe you've got a team that's underperforming and you need someone to get them back on track. Or maybe someone on your staff got hit by a truck and won't be working for 3 months and you need to replace them as a manager, programmer, or project manager.

I can do all that. I've got 20 years of programming and management experience, and can hit the ground running on most projects. I can organize, hire, and if necessary fire development teams. If you've got a team that's hit a rough spot I am happy to come in and help out, whether it's establishing a build procedure, regaining focus on a tight schedule, or giving you an honest assessment of your chances of getting product on time.

I've been successful as an independent developer and in a large corporate environment; developing on teams from two to over a hundred; managing teams of three to twenty engineers; managed programmers on a $3 million project; had budgetary responsibility for a $1.5 million department; and generally had a pretty good time doing it all.

I'm not perfect, but I'm experienced and smart and honest.

So what's all this cost? I have two basic rates: $100/hour for programming and $125/hour for management consulting and technical direction. When charging by the hour I prioritize between clients. I charge by the day (or half day, sometimes) for travel and you get my undivided attention during that time unless otherwise negotiated.