Evan Robinson's Publications

Here is a collection of most of my published writing and speaking.

These are the original, unedited versions of my columns, so they may not quite match the published material. In at least one case, there is a section from one column which wasn't used, so it shows up in a different column (essentially one review is duplicated). Some of the columns include bios, some don't. I have modified the reviews and/or bios to reflect current contact information (via the webmaster of this site). Some of these columns have been submitted but not yet published.

Also here are notes from speaking at the CGDC (Computer Game Developers' Conference) and from ToastMasters at Electronic Arts. They may or may not be precisely what I used to present.

The CGDA Report

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The Cursor

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CGDC Lectures & Notes

Recovery Mode: How to Take Control of an Out-of-Control Project


There's no 'Q' in ACTION


Evan's Job Rules