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I know now what I'm made of 
skin and bones, muscle and blood 
I know now what road I'm on 
I'm a vagabond on the streets of love 
  -- "Streets of Love", Kevin Welch, _A Thing Called Love_ 

If we go, go insane 
We can all go together 
In this wild, wanton world 
We can all break down forever... 
  -- "D.W. Suite", Lindsey Buckingham (Northern Exposure, "Spring Break") 

Well that Earth Goddess program on Channel 3 went national. 
Iran and Iraq became one country called Irrational. 
Every commuter in Greater Los Angeles learned how to ride the Bus, 
And the rich folks said "Please, tax the sh*t out of Us"... 
  -- The Foremen, "Hell Froze Over Today", _Folk Heroes_ 

In 1672 I was born Abigail Neville 
The daughter of a Salem goodwife who was dealin' with the Devil 
And at her trial the council frowned suspiciously at me 
But I proved innocent and drowned in 1693 
  -- The Foremen, "Song of Many Deaths", _Folk Heroes_ 

Och lad I don't know where you been, 
  but I see you won First Prize! 
  -- "The Scotsman", Mike Cross 

When we're free to love anyone we choose 
When this world's big enough for all different views 
When we all can worship from our own kind of pew 
Then we shall be free 
  -- Stephanie Davis & Garth Brooks 

I'd like to go where the pace of life's slow 
Could you beam me somewhere Mr. Scott? 
Any ol' place here on Earth or in space 
You pick the century and I'll pick the spot 
  -- Jimmy Buffet, "Boat Drinks", _Volcano_ 

You still lie under the thumb 
Of the rich and the young and the pretty 
  -- Mac McAnally, "The City", (from Jimmy Buffett's "Feeding Frenzy") 

Yes, I am a pirate, two hundred years too late 
The cannons don't thunder, there's nothin' to plunder 
I'm an over-forty victim of fate 
  -- Jimmy Buffett, "A Pirate Looks At 40" 

Three things to be wary of:  a new kid in his prime,
A man with all the answers, and a code that runs first time
  "Threes"  Rev 1.1 - Duane Elms / Leslie Fish

Three things never trust at all:  the visitor's final bill,
The promises your boss makes, and the customer's good will
  "Threes"  Rev 1.1 - Duane Elms / Leslie Fish

Three things go in endless loops:  The exit code done wrong,
A semaphore untested, and the change that comes along
  "Threes"  Rev 1.1 - Duane Elms / Leslie Fish

Three things it is better that only you should know:
How much you're paid, the schedule pad, and what is just for show
  "Threes"  Rev 1.1 - Duane Elms / Leslie Fish

Three people never anger:  first the one who runs your deck,
The one who does your backups, and the one who writes your check.
  "Threes"  Rev 1.1 - Duane Elms / Leslie Fish

Three things are most perilous:  connectors that corrode,
Improvement algorithms, and self-modifying code
  "Threes"  Rev 1.1 - Duane Elms / Leslie Fish

Three things trust above all else:  your knowledge of your craft,
That someone made a profit, and that you will get the shaft.
  "Threes"  Rev 1.1 - Duane Elms / Leslie Fish

Where's the church, who took the steeple? 
Religion's in the hands of some crazy-ass people 
Television preachers with bad hair and dimples 
The god's honest truth is it's not that simple 
 -- Jimmy Buffett, Amy Lee, "Fruitcakes"

It's the Buddhist in you, it's the Pagan in me 
It's the Muslim in him, she's Catholic ain't she? 
It's the born again look its the WASP and the Jew 
Tell me what's goin on, I ain't got a clue 
 -- Jimmy Buffett, Amy Lee, "Fruitcakes"

I treat my body like a temple 
You treat yours like a tent 
 -- Jimmy Buffett, Amy Lee, "Fruitcakes"

We're seven years from the millenium 
That's a science fiction fact 
Stanley Kubrick and his buddy HAL 
Now don't look that abstract 
 -- Jimmy Buffett, Amy Lee, "Fruitcakes"

So I make a small donation
What more can I do
You know I didn't make this world
I'm in it just like you
 -- Glenn Frey, Jack Tempchin, "I've Got Mine"

There's another kind of poverty
That only rich men know
A moral malnutrition
That starves their very souls
 -- Glenn Frey, Jack Tempchin, "I've Got Mine"

I met the Devil in a field.
I said, "Oh finally!  Did you bring my contract?"
And the Secret He Revealed
was that He Waits for No One
and he's never made a single deal.
  -- Gaia Circles, "Secret of the Crossroads Devil", _Gaia Circles_ 

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