Why "Engines of Mischief"?

I became acquainted with the phrase "Engines of Mischief" in the song "General Ludd" as sung by Oak, Ash & Thorn, a Bay-Area a capella group specializing in Olde English (mostly Drinking) Songs. Here's (according to fair use) an MP3 of the relevant verse, the lyrics to which are:

Chant no more your old rhymes about bold Robin Hood
His feats I would little admire
I will sing the achievements of General Ludd
The Hero of Nottinghamshire

The Engines of Mischief were sentenced to die
by Unanimous Vote of The Trade
and Ludd who can all opposition Defy
was Grand Executioner Made

The phrase "engines of mischief" stuck in my head, and I determined that it would not only be a good Band Name (y'all play that "that would be a good band name" game occasionally, don't you?), but that it would be an excellent name for a computer game company if I ever went back into that field. Therefore, I acquired the domain and began using it as a name for my (so far) hobbyist video productions. Our GMC motor home was in the midst of reconstruction (resurrection?) at this time, so it naturally got named "The Engine of Mischief"

Along with Engines of Mischief came the concept of "Agents of Mischief", which seemed to me to be an entertaining idea for a loose online community of people with a little bit of Coyote in their souls. So I grabbed agentsofmischief.org, too! then I thought up a series of potential 3D animations, but that's a project for another year or even lifetime...